how to install a macro to SWP

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Hi folks,

After I got a error message like "! LaTeX Error: File `xkeyval.sty' not found.", I decide to install the package "xkeyval.sty". I went to download it.

From the README file, I know it is a macro file, I am just wondering where I should put it in my root directory for SWP5.5: C:\swp55

I know how to install a regular latex package by the instruction at

You know, in that regard, all the packages are put in this directory in my computer:

But that does not work for "xkeyval"; since the error message still pops up after I have done that.

Any help with that is appreciated.



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As far as I can tell

As far as I can tell "skeyval" and "xkeyval" are different. You have managed to install the former, while your package calls for the latter. Try again with the right package. Your procedure for installation seems correct; though I'd be tempted to create a new subfolder under "contrib" called "xkeyval" and put the new files there.

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That's exactly right. Thank

That's exactly right. Thank you very much!