scientific notebook and pdf?

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 Is it possible to save a scientific notebook file as a pdf file? If this can be done it will make it lot easier for students to read documents created with scientific notebook. These days many academic institutions are putting a lot of restrictions on their networks.

Scientific Notebook itself

Scientific Notebook itself does not have a way to create a PDF file.  However, if you have additional software like the full version of Acrobat you can create a PDF file via the printer driver that supports PDF. 

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How do you do that?  Create a

How do you do that?  Create a file in SN and then open it in Acrobat Distiller?

This past week I tried

This past week I tried PrimoPDF, which creates a virtual printer in your printers folder.  When you print to it, it creates a pdf file.  I tried with a test I had written with SN, and the pdf file looked just like the regular printer copy.

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I wasn't understanding that

I wasn't understanding that it was "print", but was trying to open the file in acrobat.  In SN print and select Adobe PDF - works beautifully!