Pb in replies

Since 3 weeks, I found myself unable to post a reply. The forum says : CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected. But I'm sure to write correctly the captage code... It's not a real pb since you did answers well my last two question and I just wanted to thank you but it could be a pb in another situation... So, what's going on ?

PS. When I tried to answer, I had only the "Preview" possibilty (no "save")

Only the Preview is available

Only the Preview is available when you first enter a comment.  After you use the Preview button once the Save button should then be available.  Is that not the case?

Let us try to answer... May

Let us try to answer...
May be I have to preview before I enter the captcha code... (I did the inverse before)...
No, the website request me the code before I preview..

well - in spite of the "captcha reuse attack detected" the forum accepts my reply. So there was non pb but some misleading comment of the website... sorry