Importing a non-SW .tex document

I am trying to import a non-SW .tex file but I get the error msg "not valid for selected filter".  The sender of the .tex file tells me the following:

the .tex file starts with some declarations and ends with some reserved word
- one of the declarations is instantiating style file, which defines ucsd's thesis format
- abstract and introduction are written in separate files (ch0_abs.tex & ch1_intro.tex) and instantiated

The main problem may be that SW tries to find the style files, which defines ucsd's thesis format, from the set of its own folders rather than the one where the .tex locates.

Is there a solution so that I can import these .tex files?  Thank you!


It might be that there is one

It might be that there is one particular macro definition in the document you are trying to import that causes the problem.  Post a sample that shows the problem and we'll see if we can find a work around.

I cannot upload the document

I cannot upload the document to show you the macros because the content is as yet unpublished.  It is my brother-in-law's dissertation which I am trying to edit for him.  The main problem seems to be that SW doesn't include the style/shell for UCSD (Univ of California San Diego).  The error message I get is "can't find C:\sw55\Styles\ucsd\article.cst".  I looked in the user's manual but wasn't sure how to proceed and I am not computer saavy - I don't know LaTeX or TeX. Thanks for your help.


Steps for adding a new

Steps for adding a new typesetting specification for use with SW can be found in the article Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources.

See step 5 for the discussion of the .cst file that is causing the message you mention.  In most cases you can just continue past the message and a default .cst file is then used.