font timesbd not found

Using the latex8 package, I get the message "Warning: font "timesbd" ("timesbd") not in font dictionary" when I try to use the DVI preview (or typeset). As a result, my second level headings do not appear in the typeset document.

I haven't heard about the

I haven't heard about the latex8 package before now, but the messages about timesbd not in font dictionary can happen when using a non-English version of Windows.  See for a work around.

Thanks for pointing me to the

Thanks for pointing me to the workaround, which seems to have worked. However, I think that I have an English version of Windows, which came installed on a machine I purchased new from HP.

The strange thing is that when I look in the c:\Windows\Fonts directory, I find a folder Times New Roman, with four fonts: Times New Roman, etc... There is nothing named just times.