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I have recently downloaded the trial version of the Scientific WorkPlace 5.5. When I am trying the bibliography, the pdf output does not show the correct bibliography style. I attach the pdf document which i created using the apa style. As you can see, the output is not the same as the example given in your website for apa style. FYI, I am using Windows 7. In addition, I also cannot use WinBibDB because it is not compatible. Please let me know if you also have any solution for this. I would appreciate your urgent response.


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Sorry, I just copied and

Sorry, I just copied and pasted my email to the tech support. I should say that my output (attached pdf) does not look like the one in the MacKihan's website for the apa style on this link:

if anyone knows the solution, please reply.

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Usually having only the PDF

Usually having only the PDF results doesn't help.  Most likely you did not add the astron package that is required by the apa BibTeX bibliography style.  Use Help, Search and find the topic for BibTeX bibliography styles and then locate the information about the apa style with the notation that the astron package is required.

I did try once without the astron package and got results similar to the ones you posted.  I got correct results after adding the astron package.

Hi, Thanks so much for your


Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have tried adding astron package and it works.

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