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I have 2 question one of which is old but I can't find the answer in the data base

1) How can I manage to have a word simultaneously e.g. underlined, bold an italic ?

2) How can I achieve that some theorems, some acknowledgements, and all remarks have no numeration ?

Thanks in advance for your answer ;=

1) See

1) See

2) I'll post a separate reply.

2) The SW interface does not

2) The SW interface does not allow mixing numbered and unnumbered theorem-like environments of the same type (and offhand, I'm not sure how this is done using native LaTeX).

Turning off numbering for an individual theorem-like environment can be done by adding a command like:


To mix numbered and unnumbered theorem-like environments with the same name, you would need to define a new theorem type that is then not numbered when typeset.

See the attachment that does this for the environments that you mentioned.  The remark environment is typeset unnumbered and two new environments have been added, theoremUN and acknowledgementUN, that typeset with the same appearance except unnumbered.