Journal not in style files

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I'll spare the details of the error messages and just state what I am trying to do here. I am writing a paper for the journal in this link;

and I simply want to see what my article will look like when formatted in their pages. They provide a class file, but not a style file, and I have no idea what to do with it. Please keep any responses simple, along the lines of "LaTex for Dummies".

The steps for adding new

The steps for adding new typesetting specifications can be found in the article #421: Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources.

I looked at the download from the Springer web site.  The typesetting specification redefines some standard LaTeX macros making it more difficult to add a shell for use with SW.  A quick way to avoid the conflict is to place the front matter elements inside encapsulated TeX fields.  Attached is a modification of the sample document that was included with the download that opens in SW and typesets correctly using the typesetting specification from the download.

When you open the document there will be a message since there isn't a screen style (.cst) file for the typesetting specification.  This is discussed in step 5 of document #421.  You can continue and open the document.  To avoid the message, you can copy the default .cst file sciword.cst from the Styles directory to a new directory that matches the typesetting specification name (birkjour) below the Styles directory.

The .cls file from the download needs to be located someplace below the TCITeX\TeX directory (from step 1 of the article).