incorrect pdf file out of the dvi file

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I am using Scientific Workplace 5.5.
I compiled my work and got a dvi file out of it.
If I print it to a pdf file, some of the graphs get printed in an incorrect way.
That is, they get printed over an area which contains text instead of the area they are supposed to go.
I obtain the same error if I directly compile as a pdf file instead of passing through the dvi.
The graphs are obtained with eps files (but other eps files get printed correctly).
I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

I attach a sample (tex, dvi and pdf files).
Please help, I cannot fix it!

Guido Osimo

go.dvi5.89 KB
go.pdf74.59 KB
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Thank you pviton and George

Thank you pviton and George for your answers!

pviton's suggestion seems not to work, please see the attached file: three different ways of inserting the figure give the same (wrong) result (pages 1-3-5 of the dvi file).

as for George's suggestion, I tried to enclose the eps file together with another eps file which works perfectly (page 8 of the dvi file), but the system does not allow me to do so (eps extension not allowed)

Unfortunately I am not an expert with graphic files, I must really use the approx. 200 eps files I was given; around 10 out of them give this displacement problem.

Asking for your help again, please!

Post the graphics file.  You

Post the graphics file.  You can save your document as a .rap file and post that.  The .rap file will bundle the referenced graphics into the single .rap file with the .tex file.

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Thank you George. A friend of

Thank you George.
A friend of mine suggested to change some settings in the General Settings regarding PDF files and graphic files. This seemed to work. Thank you again.

The problem is probably

The problem is probably specific to the graphics file.  The .eps type graphics must be converted to be included in a PDF file and it looks like the conversion might be causing some displacement of the graphics.  See if you can create the graphics in some other way.  Notice that the text is the same for the DVI and PDF, so it's a graphics issue.  The graphics file wasn't posted so it couldn't be tested.

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I'm not an expert, but I

I'm not an expert, but I notice that your graphic is placed in an \equation* environment. Have you tried putting it into a 1x1 table instead? I'm not sure that equations are meant to handle pictures.