Importing .emf-files

When importing .emf-files (via File/Import picture...) and typesetting in .pdf, I get the following error message: "LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .emf."

This is strange: .emf is one of the graphic file-formats that can be selected.

Who knows how to solve this?

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Normally the .emf graphics

Normally the .emf graphics types would be converted to .pdf, .jpg, or .png, depending on the conversion settings.  If .emf files are being passed through, then the conversion dialog must have been modified.  Use Typeset, General Settings, the PDF Graphics Settings button and see what's set in the dialog.  If "Apply Export Options to:" has "All graphics selected, then the "Export Options" applies to all graphics in the document.  If "Selected graphics:" is selected, then "Export Options" can be different for each of the three categories of graphics.  The .emf graphics would be considered vector graphics and the Export Options should be set to "Export graphics as:" with one of the three available graphics types selected.  You may see different quality results selecting among the three choices.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. However, this issues is about IMporting .emf-files in SWP, not EXporting them. Or do I misunderstand your suggestionss (at least, they do not seem to solve the issue at stake when applied).

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Our original comment implies

Our original comment implies that adding the graphics to your document happened without any messages.  It was when you compiled for PDF that you saw a message.  Most graphics, including .emf, must be converted to be used in a PDF file.  The message implies that the conversion is not happening and pdflatex is seeing the .emf file, which is not a known graphics type for PDF.  If investigating the PDF Graphics Settings dialog doesn't help, then post a sample document and graphics that demonstrates the problem.  You should use Typeset, Output Choice and select PDF output before saving.  You can then use File, Save As and select .rap which will bundle the .tex and graphics files together and post the .rap file.