Cannot import file

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I have had no problems in importing eps file to my tex file edited by Scientific Workplace.
Starting from yesterday, however, when I open the tex file with eps graphics, error messages show up saying "Can't import xxx.eps" for all eps files in the document. When I compile the tex file, the area which used to have a graphic is now left blank. I have the same problem in all the past documents. Of course all the eps files are saved in the same folder as the tex file.

Could anyone tell me what went wrong and how to fix this?
Thank you!

The error you describe

The error you describe implies that the graphics file isn't located where it was when you originally added it to your document.  It doesn't sound reasonable that the graphics would disappear or suddenly not be valid if it worked previously.  If restarting the computer doesn't change the situation, post a sample document with graphics (or as a .rap file).