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SWP 5.5

For some time now, I've been obtaining "Solution is: isaMuPADprocess" when trying to solve even very simple linear equation systems (such as, say, x+y=1, z-2y+x=2, b-y+2x=g). This didn't use to happen before. (???) Besides, this behavior is not completely deterministic: Sometimes it doesn't happen. I can't figure out what's going on. Has the MuPAD kernel gone corrupt or something? (?)

When trying a workaround by using matrix algebra instead, I (sometimes) get "corresponding matrix: isaMuPADprocess" as well...

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Typically, this problem

Typically, this problem occurs when one of the variables has been defined as a MuPAD process. Often, this can happen if one or more of the variables has been used in a numeric ODE. Does clearing the definitions before solving the equations make any difference?


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Yes, it seems to work (for

Yes, it seems to work (for the moment). Yet I haven't solved any numeric ODE here...