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First of all, I'm a beginner, so I haven't worked with SW for a long time yet. But I have to create an automatic bibtex bibliography and it doesn't work. Maybe you could have a look at my .bib file and tell me what is wrong. I'm very pleased for any advice. Maybe you could tell me (in easy words => beginner) what kind of things SW "likes" or "doesn't like" and I can change it then. (I often used two brackets like "{{" to leave the capital letters the way the are)

Thank you a lot

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Here are the steps I used to

Here are the steps I used to check your BibTeX database file:

  • Start a new document using the Blank LaTeX Article shell document.
  • Add some text to the blank document (it doesn't matter what you add, but the blank document will not create a DVI file that is needed to continue the compile process and generate the bibliography).
  • Select Insert, Typeset Object, Citation and in the Key field enter * (that is, an asterisk), turn on the check box for "Bibliography Entry Only - No Citation" and use OK to close the dialog.
  • Press Enter to start a new paragraph and elect Typeset, Bibliography Choice, choose BibTeX and use OK close the dialog.
  • Select Insert, Typeset Object, Bibliography.  Click the already selected database at the top of the list to unselect it and click on your BibTeX database file to select it.  In the Style column select unsrt.
  • Save the document.
  • Select Typeset, Compile, turn on the check box for "Generate a Bibliography" and use OK to close the dialog.
  • The previous step starts the compile process.  The first step is a compile pass.  The second step is to run BibTeX which uses the .aux file generated by the first pass to find any references used by the document.  The citation that was entered selects all of the references in the BibTeX database and the unsrt BibTeX bibliography style displays them in the order they are in the database.  The results of the BibTeX run are displayed in a TrueTeX Previewer window and also in the BibTeX log file that uses the file extension .blg.  The references that were created are in the .bbl file that is then used by the subsequent compile passes to add the references to the DVI file.
  • If there are errors, they can happen when BibTeX is run or during the subsequent LaTeX compile passes.  The typical error during the BibTeX run is caused by a badly formed .bib file, often a missing comma.  This type of error can be difficult to track down, sometimes requiring using smaller pieces of the .bib file and adding to it until the error is found.  The typical error during the LaTeX compile is caused by entries in the .bib file that generate incorrect syntax for LaTeX, most prevalently using & instead of \& for the ampersand character.

I didn't find any problems with the .bib file that you posted.  If you are having difficulties, then it may be related to the BibTeX bibliography style that you are using.

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Since SW uses a BibTeX

Since SW uses a BibTeX compiler, it should accept any bibliography commands normally supported by BibTeX.

I was able to generate a bibliography from your bib file without any errors. Here are the steps that I followed.

1. Place your .bib file into the SWP55\TCITeX\BibTeX\bib folder.

2. Choose Typeset, Bibliography Choice, and choose BibTeX.

3. Place some arbitrary text in the body of the document.

4. Insert a TeX field that contains the command \nocite{*}. This will not be necessary when creating your own document. This is just a command that tells BibTeX that none of the bibliography items are cited in the document but that they should be entered in the bibliography any way. (To enter a TeX field, choose Insert, Typeset Object, TeX field, click Encapsulated, enter a title, and enter the TeX command(s).)

5. At the end of the document where you want the bibliography to occur, choose Insert, Typeset Object, Bibliography, select your .bib file from the list of Database files, select the appropriate style, and click OK. (I chose abbrv. Some Bibliography styles require extra packages in order to work. For more information on the various styles, choose Help-> Search-> Bibliography Styles-> Bibliography Styles and click OK.)

6. Save the document. 

7. Choose Typeset-> Compile (or Typeset-> Compile PDF). 

8. Place a check next to "Generate a Bibliography" and click OK.

9. When the document is done compiling, choose Typeset-> Preview (or Typeset-> Preview PDF) to see the bibliography that was generated.

If this does not work, please let us know exactly what happened and we will try to assist you further.