Decimal digits

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I am learning to use definitions and formulas in SWP documents.
I need to compute, in the same document, several formulas (depending from one or more definitions) with different number of decimal places.
For example
I need to approximate in the same document
- ab with 2 decimal digits
- a/b with 5 decimal digits
How could I do?

Thank you very much

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Maybe this is the answer (⌊

Maybe this is the answer (⌊ ⌋=floor)


Now mark a=2.3456 and do ALT-c, d, d
Mark ⌊100a⌋/100 and choose ALT-c Evaluate Numerically
Result 2.34

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Subject to MSI explaining

Subject to MSI explaining that I'm wrong, I don't think you can do this. MuPAD does contain a function round(x,n) which rounds x to n decimal places, but I think that this will automatically be overridden by the settings in Compute -> Settings -> General.