(Silly) Font question

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I am using a standard LaTeX document shell. When I create the DVI file sometimes (depending on the computer I use, I believe) it creates two "different looking" documents. The difference, I believe, is in the "thickness" of the letters. It looks like one of them has been typeset as if using a "mild" bold font. It turns out that this makes the document look a little "cramped."

I know it is not the printer, as I printed the identical document created in two different machines and the differences are noticeable.

Question: Is there anything I can do to control the "thickness" of the font?



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I think this could happen if

I think this could happen if you're using different TeX systems on the two computers, because the "standard" Computer Modern fonts may end up with different implementations. In TrueTeX (SWPs system) you're actually using a TrueType implementation of what are called the DC fonts; on other systems you're getting (typically) Metafont versions of the EC fonts. As far as I know, there's no obvious way to control the boldness, but I'm prepared to be told that I'm wrong here.

This is likely a valid

This is likely a valid analysis.  There are two LaTeX format files included with SW, one uses the cm font family and the other the dc font family.  If you compile with either format file you will get equivalent results (font glyphs and placements will be the same), but the actual fonts used will be different.  You can notice a difference between the cm and dc fonts if you compare the same document compiled with different format files.