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Can I use PGF/TikZ in SW 5.50.

I see files in my directories, but don't know how to install/setup.

Any ideas?


The pgf package (which

The pgf package (which includes TikZ) is included with SW since it is needed by the Beamer package. This is not the most recent version of the package as there is a conflict with the newer version and the LaTeX included with SW. See the package documentation in the directory TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\pgf\doc\generic\pgf\version-for-pdftex\en.

I don't know how successful you might be in using this package with SW and can't offer any advice. You may be limited to compiling only for PDF, for example.

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Install MiKTeX 2.9 and choose

Install MiKTeX 2.9 and choose it as your formater in SWP (Typeset, Expert Settings, PDF Format settings). Now MikTeX will download the LaTeX-packages needed. Only setback is that you will have to give the whole search part for your private files or rebuild the tex-tree for MiKTeX (I do not know how to do this. Maybe somene else do).

In this way you may use all facilities in pgf/TiKZ latest version