Windows 8 Pro tablets and SWP

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I believe that the Windows 8 Pro Surface does not have a CD or DVD rom. How would I go about installing SWP if I were to invest in a Surface?

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SWP installed perfectly. 

SWP installed perfectly.  However, I think my plan to use the Surface Pro as a desktop was not a good one.  Perhaps it is my unfamiliarity with Windows 8 ( I don't think I will like it) or the feel of the tablet, but I don't recommend  getting a Surface Pro for serious heavy use.

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Thanks again,George. I am

Thanks again,George. I am really vacillating. Unlike Microsoft I like DVD installation. I am not happy with that company.

The full install file

The full install file download is available from our web site. Use the trial install with your serial number or find the full download from the patch update area (it's the same file).