Accent Below Mathematical Variable in Math Mode

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 Hi . I would like to ask how I can insert an accent below a mathematical variable in math mode .

I enter the variable θ in math mode . I open the " Character Properties " menu and i click on the underscore located on the " Accent Below " area .

Then, I click  OK and nothing happens. 

Why this operation does not work ?

Thanks in advance .

Using the Decoration dialog

Using the Decoration dialog may be sufficient for your use, although this is a somewhat larger accent below than that associated with a single character using the accents package.

The accent below available

The accent below available with the SW interface is available only for text characters and is not available for math characters. Instead, the accents package can be used. Unfortunately, there is a conflict with the accents package and the amsmath package, but the conflict can be easilty avoided. If saving with the SWP/SW/SN file type, then you must add the amsmath package (that is otherwise added via tcilatex.tex) and then the accents package so the accents package is listed after amsmath. If saving with the Portable LaTeX file type, then the amsmath package is always added to the document, so make sure the accents package is listed after amsmath. If amsmath doesn't appear on your list of packages, then you haven't saved and reopened the document yet.

Actually using the package then involves using commands in TeX fields. For your the example you ask about, insert a TeX field containing:


If the TeX field is in math mode already, then do not include the $ symbols. See the accents package documentation for more details as to the types of accents that can be added.