bar over a superscripted symbol

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I would like to display a common notation for the average of the square of quantity, that is, a bar over a symbol with associated superscript.( E.g. x squared with a bar over both the x and the superscript 2). If I look hard enough, I may be able to find how to do that with LaTEX commands, but I was hoping someone might know a way to use Scientific Workplace 5.5 commands to effect that set of symbols.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Jim Meyer

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Highlight the x^2. Choose

Highlight the x^2.

Choose Insert, Decoration.

Select the first decoration in the dialog.

Click OK.

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 that worked beautifylly, Mr.

 that worked beautifylly, Mr. MacKendrick, as you knew it would. Thank you for pointing out what I should have figured out for myself. I completely forgot about decorations.

Thanks again.

Jim Meyer