How to put spaces in middle of superscripts?

 Hello everybody,

I deal with mathematical tensors, and sometimes I need to write several sub/superscripts, and in certain cases, I need to leave a blank space between them.

In Latex, I can do it as R^{a \ \ d}_{\ b c e} , in order to get the first index without another one down, analogous for the second and third (only down indexes, no up), whereas for the fourth case we would get a "d" up and an "e" down in the same "row".

Is there any proper way I can do that in Scientific Workplace?

I appreciate any help.

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 In Scientific WorkPlace, you

 In Scientific WorkPlace, you can hold down the <Shift> key and press the space bar to get the "\ " LaTeX command.

 Thank you very much. That is

 Thank you very much. That is basically what I needed.