use of import picture for Beamer class/style?

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 I cannot persuade the Beamer class to allow me to insert pictures. I was wondering if this is impossible, or, if not, how one goes about importing a picture.

Thanks for the help.

JS Meyer

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I've done this all the time,

I've done this all the time, using the regular File->Import Picture dialog and it works perfectly. I can't think what could be going wrong for you, but two possibilities, I suppose, are: you've managed to make the document read-only (unlikely); and possibly the graphics type you're trying to work with isn't supported in his context. Because Beamer documents are produced using pdflatex, I believe that (eg) eps isn't supported. Still, probably the best thing to do is to post in a zip file a small Beamer document and an image you're trying to insert, and we can see if we can figure it out. But in principle it should work.

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 Thanks for the suggestions.

 Thanks for the suggestions. Alas, my file is not read only, nor is the file type eps...(I think it is JPEG--I can't recall at this moment for sure.)  I shall work at it this weekend until the frustration becomes unbearable, then follow your generous upload advice.

Thanks again

Jim Meyer