Adding a class to Scientific Word

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Hello. I am using SW5.5 on Windows 7.

I need to successfully install informs3.cls. This is a class file associated with a journal which will provide me the formatting I need to submit. Could someone please tell me

1. What various files are needed for compiling, eg. .cls., .best, .shl, etc.

2. What folder(s) these files should be put into any any other process (like restarting) that I need to do.


Thank you. When I open the document, I receive the error message

Cannot find C:\sw55\Styles\informs3


See #421: Using shells and

See #421: Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources for the steps to add a new typesetting specification for use with SW.

1. Depends on the typesetting specification. At least the .cls file and maybe zero or more .sty files, and maybe other files.

2. This is discussed in step 1 of the article reference above.

The message about C:\sw55\Styles\informs3 is related to step 5. You can clear the message and continue which means you will be using the default .cst file, Styles\sciword.cst. You can avoid the message by creating the Styles\informs3 directory and copying an appropriate .cst file into this directory. What's appropriate depends on the underlying typesetting specification (or just copy sciword.cst).