Font Issue with EMF graphics


I'm having an issue with symbols displaying/printing incorrectly when importing EMF images into SWP 5.5.  See attached for a zip file with a mock project that illustrates the issue (Excel spreadsheet, EMF Image, Tex File and SWP Screenshot).

The symbols (lambda, sigma, square root) on the axes show fine on the EMF image before it is imported. Imported into SWP, the characters are either converted to standard letters, replaced with '?', or otherwise mangled.  Complies to DVI and prints the same way.

I've tested with a fresh install of SWP, so that's probably not the issue.  The font used was Arial (as per the rest of the two labels), but I had the issue with Times New Roman as well. Any ideas? I'm hoping it's just a font setting somewhere that needs changing..


Example.zip97 KB

After many hours testing

After many hours testing various work-arounds (and one particularly unhelpful call to phone support), I've found a 'solution'. Just in case it helps someone else (or I forget and come back here), this is how I did it:

  • Export to EPS in OpenOffice (3.4.1). No previews, colour, level 2, and no compression. Page margins set to zero.
  • Tighten the BoundingBox around the .eps with epstool, using the --copy --bbox options.
  • Import the EPS as usual, noting any difference in size and aspect ratio.

 This is far from ideal, but'll have to do. I hope the compatibility (EMF and EPS) improves in later versions. Some of the failed attempts include LibreOffice, Inkscape, wmf2eps and postscript printer drivers.