Changing default save location

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Where can you change the default save location from c:\swp55\docs to something else?

I don't see this location in the "user setup" configurable direcotries.

The last directory used is

The last directory used is what is the default for the next time you use File, Open or File, Save As. The default directory doesn't update for certain types of drives (network or portable) unless a default setting is changed on the Files tab of the User Setup dialog.

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So I can't configure the

So I can't configure the initial default location away from c:\swp55\docs? This has to be changed by the user the first time a file has to be saved? I'd like this folder to be set to the %userprofile%\documents folder.

The installation program

The installation program creates the file swp-pro.ins (sciword.ins for SW and scinoteb.ins for SNB) which is used to modify the default settings that are saved staticly in a resource DLL. If immediately after the installation you modify swp-pro.ins and change:


the path you select will be the first default open/save directory. Any time after the installation this entry can be changed, but then near the beginning of the file the line:


would need to be changed to:


as the .ins file is only used to update the current user registry information when the value is found to be 1.