Front Matter: put the abstract on the second page

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Dear all,

My abstract is too long to appear together with the title and author stuff on the first page. How do I force it to appear on seperate page with the title?

Many Thanks!

The typesetting specification

The typesetting specification controls the appearance, so it's hard to make suggestions without knowing the typesetting specification or seeing a sample document. Sounds like you want a title page, then the abstract with the title above the abstract. This isn't available directly, so some sort of a hack to modify the typesetting specification would be needed. Maybe different margins for the abstract or extending the page length.

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Dear George, I attach the

Dear George,

I attach the sample of my master file including all the typesettings that I use. It has a footnote, and a long abstract. I want it to appear like this:

The first page title: author (and footnote), address, date.

Second page: tile, abstract, key words, JEL

Could you please have a look and see if it could be done in the way I want?

Grand Thank You!