Importing a pdf file into a Beamer document?

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Is it possible to imprt a pdf file into a Beamer document? It seems that pdf is not on the list of import formats.



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Importing PDF to SWP

Importing PDF to SWP document

I'm having trouble getting .pdf images into a Scientific Workplace document. I've tried inserting a line like the following in a TeX field:


Since my .pdf file is held in a folder that isn't familier to Scientific Workplace, I added a line like the following to the preamble:


where folder_3 is the folder the image sits in.

When I compile the document (e.g., Preview PDF) I always get a fatal error saying that the PDF can't be found, such as:
Error: pdflatex.exe (file name_figure.pdf)
: cannot find image file
 ==> Fatal error occurred, the output PDF file is not finished!
[pdfLaTeX finished]

Suggestions greatly appreciated.


You cannot use File, Import

You cannot use File, Import Picture to add a .pdf graphics to SW. It would be possible to add an encapsulated TeX field using the direct LaTeX \includegraphics macro from the graphics package to insert a .pdf graphics (when compiling for PDF).  You would need to include the complete path to the graphics file (using forward slashes) or add a \graphicspath statement to the document preamble that specifies the location of the graphics (ending the path with a slash).

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Thanks Geoge.   Rody

Thanks Geoge.