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I am using the Rochester beamer. I would like to change the colour from blue to a nice red or morone. I tried putting \definecolor{} with specified color in the preamble but it has no effect. How can i change the colour?

Beamer uses color themes.

Beamer uses color themes. You can add a \usecolortheme command with one of the predefined themes. See the Beamer user guide for the list of predefined themes. I don't see one that is red or moroon. The typesetting specification files beamercolortheme(name).sty where (name) is replaced by the theme name define the color themes.

One solution would be to create your own custom colortheme. Find one of the existing color themes files, rename and then edit the contents.

Another solution is a quick hack that depends on the default color theme. The default theme defines the color beamer@blendedblue and then uses that color for other objects. So, try adding the following to the document preamble:


The \makeatletter and \makeatother is needed to make the @ character legal since it is reserved as legal only inside style files.

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Thanks that worked perfectly.

Thanks that worked perfectly. I was just getting a bit tired of using blue for my presentations.