Front matter: how to add keywords and jel classification

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Dear all,

I want to add keywords and jel classification into the title page under Abstract, but I did not find item tag in the front matter. How should I do it?

Thanks a lot!


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Thanks for this very

Thanks for this very informative post.

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There are some typesetting

There are some typesetting specifications that have explicit tags for the classification and keywords. The LaTeX article typesetting specification does not. But, you could just add a couple of extra paragraphs to the abstract, one for the classification and the other for the keywords. Start the paragraph with the no indent horizontal spacing object to avoid the indent that normally starts a paragraph, and use the bold text tag for the classification/keyword label.

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Dear George, new problem

Dear George,

new problem arises. I would like to add one line, Preliminary Version, under the data above the abstract. How should I proceed?

I tried to add the line to Date tag, but then the date does not appear in the middle of the page.


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George, I got it. I thought I

George, I got it.

I thought I go Tag- Appearance - modify abstract, but nothing works. But I figured out what you mean just inserted spacing.

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you George! But how to

Thank you George!

But how to remove the indent just for one paragraph in the Abstract? I found commands in Latex, but have no idea how to do it in SWP.

Thanks again!

The attached sample document

The attached sample document is the Standard LaTeX Article with a few changes in the document preamble. I added the date field using a one column two row table. The first row uses \today so the current date is typeset and the second row has the text "Preliminary Version". I also added sample classification and keyword lines to the abstract, preceeding each paragraph with the no indent object. To add the no indent object, use Insert, Spacing, Horizontal spacing and then select No indent from the dialog.

I think this covers everything you mentioned.

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Insert a table to the date

Insert a table to the date field, this is super! Thanks a lot George!!