Open .rtf document created in MS Word 2010

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I have created an entire article in MS Word 2010 (about 40 pages including formulas edited in the latest MathType version) and saved it in .rtf format. I cannot open the file in SWP, which returns the warning:" the file is not valid for the selected filter." How can I open and edit the file in SWP without having to retype it?

Microsoft has changed the

Microsoft has changed the flavor of RTF that they create, so most likely the conversion program doesn't deal with what is generated using MS Word 2010. Something you can try is to open the RTF file using WordPad (included with Windows) and then saving to RTF using WordPad before doing the conversion. The flavor of RTF generated by WordPad can work better.

If you are using MathType 6, then I don't believe the equations can be converted using the RTF method as the conversion program only knows about MathType 5. You might investigate exporting the equations from MathType to LaTeX and then importing that result into SW (but that's just a guess as I don't know what the exported equations might look like).

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 Please post a minimal

 Please post a minimal example of a portion of your file you are unable to import.