Master / Subdocument do not show Bibliography from Bibtex

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I have created a reference using bibtex in the normal document which works. The subdocument imports content of the this normal document and I include the packages just as the same. But I cannot compile and generate the Bibliography in the subdocument nor in the master!! Could you please tell me what went wrong?

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The BibTeX bibliography

The BibTeX bibliography should be in the master document.

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George thanks! You are right

George thanks! You are right indeed!

Another problem. After I compile the BibTex biblio, brakets with "Chapter head:" appears above the Title References, liked showed in the attachment. Could you help me again with that? I googled a lot... How to deal with it?

Thank you!

You must be using a package

You must be using a package where the bibliography uses either a chapter or section heading, depending on what is found to be defined. The include file tcilatex.tex does define chapter to avoid LaTeX errors when chapter is used in a typesetting specification where it is not otherwise defined. Without knowing the typesetting specification you are using, things to try are to see if the package allows specifying that the bibliography is a section heading, or you can undefine chapter before the bibliography appears in the document. An example of undefining chapter can be found in the shell "Standard LaTeX Article (hyperref)" just before the appendix (done for a different reason, but with the same mechanism).

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George, so many thanks! I

George, so many thanks! I fixed it.