About BidDB - How could I change the order of the fields?

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Dear Helpers,

I start to use BibDB to get a reference database. I really am learning by doing since I did not find any handy user guide. One question though: I could I change the order of fields for all entries?

eg. I want : Journal, volume, number, year, page

But the default order puts year at the end.

Thanks a lot!!

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And!!!! Some fields are

And!!!! Some fields are defaulted to be ignored, but I want them to be showed, eg. institution, how could I modify that?!


BibDB is a freeware program

BibDB is a freeware program included as a convenience. I'm using 64-bit Windows so cannot run BibDB. You can find documentation for BibDB at http://www.mackichan.com\BibDB\bibdbman\bibdbman.html (and probably using the help system, but I can't check that).

There are also other programs that can be used to edit/create BibTeX databases. One suggestion that seems to work well is JabRef (http://jabref.sourceforge.net/).

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 Hello George;  Would you

 Hello George; 

Would you tell me how to solve my problem? 

I imported my old BibDB file to JabRef and then export another BibDB file after some changes. 

But I could not search the reference that I want when I'm using citation in Scientific Workplace. 

For example, before I can search the reference beginning with "H" if I type "H" after I open the citation window. 

But now I have to find out one reference from 1400 reference. That's terrible.

Did you meet the similar problem? How do you solve it?  Thanks.  




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Thanks George I will go

Thanks George I will go through them!