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I used to use SN 5.0, and now have SN 5.5.  My graphs that I used before don't show anymore in my printed exams - just shows a y=x line.  I'm thinking I must have changed a setting rather than the 5.0 vs 5.5 problem, but not sure.  Any ideas?

Have attached a sample file:

When I open .tex file and "View Quiz" it looks good. 

When I use Exam Builder to created a printed quiz, shows as y=x on screen in the "out" file and printed.


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I am not seeing this problem.

I am not seeing this problem. I compiled it as both an online and as a printed quiz and the plot contained a parabola rather than a straight line.

Do you think you can do the follwing?

Choose Tools, Engine Setup, Error Handling, check all of the boxes under Transaction Logging, click Clear Log File, and click Start Logging.

Then compile a printed quiz. This should create a file called engine.log which will be in the folder where you installed Scientific Notebook. Post a copy of this .log file or send it to We may be able to determine why your system is having this problem.