SWP 5.5 & SkyDrive

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I recently upgraded my desktop to Win7 (I wiped out the disk first), and re-installed SWP 5.5. Since I have been using my laptop the last year, I chose to install SkyDrive on both machines and sync the documents.

A problem with SkyDrive (and SWP):

* When opening up/saving documents using the SWP file browser, SkyDrive (and other Favourites) does not appear in the browser. If I could link physical directories to SkyDrive, this would be ok -- then I could operate on files in the Documents folder and have these linked into SkyDrive. However, currently this is not the standard way SkyDrive operates -- I have to move directories into the SkyDrive folder to have the files synced. And for syncing to work, I have to *operate* on the files in SkyDrive. (I seem to have read that there is a "hack" that allows for linking physical directories into SkyDrive, but I have not checked this out.)

The consequence of the above is that if I want to sync files between the two machines, I can not open/import figures located in SkyDrive into my SWP document, and I cannot open SWP documents from within SWP -- I have to use Windows Explorer to open the documents.

Other programs such as Office programs are able to browse the SkyDrive.

Question: Is there a way around this problem? (The simple one is to link directories into SkyDrive, but I seem to recall that this is not a Microsoft supported solution, but rather a "hack"...)