Installing external packages? TikZ and Gnuplot

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Good day all,

 I am writing some TikZ code for a SW user that requires a specific version of PGF/TikZ, and plots generated by gnuplot

 What is the the proper way of installing this package ? 

My workflow is on linux using pdflatex and gnuplot to generate the figures/plots.  Then input the tex snippets into the SW document with \input{/unix/style/forward/slashes/to/path}. I think that once the gnuplot data is generated, then it tikz will not try and do it again, but to be safe, how can SW call gnuplot, especially with the shell escaped environment?

I can dl a demo to try  some of this out just to be sure.



The pgf package is required

The pgf package is required by the beamer package and installed under TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\pgf.  To update the package you would need to replace the files in this directory with the updated files.

That said, my recollection is that the newer version of the pgf package will not work with the version of LaTeX included with SW.  I recall updating the pgf package and then backing out of the update.

A "shell escaped environment" does not exist.

If the updated package is an absolute requirement, then my suggestion is to change the back end to a different LaTeX distribution that includes the version of the package you need.  See for an example where adding XeTeX from TeX Live is discussed.

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What you always can do is to

What you always can do is to generate the pictures as pdf-files and then later input them into your document. How to do this is described in the manual of TiKZ version 2 and the Scientific Word manual.

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Thanks George, If I download

Thanks George,

If I download the demo, patch it (if nesc.)  , then follow the document above: Will I be able to use TexLive2009, PDFLatex, and will this give me a shell escaped environment. (i.e so I can use gnulot)

For the original SWP user, what will the side effects be? (i.e will thier document look any different etc)


The trial version download is

The trial version download is the most current build and does not need a patch update.  There are some additional shells that were announced on this forum, but otherwise the trial download is up to date.

Changing the back end used to compile documents doesn't change the way documents are created or edited.  Only if the other LaTeX distribution uses different versions of packages that change the typeset results would I expect the final typeset documents to be different.  The difference in the user experience is that instead of having the TrueTeX Formatter open up showing LaTeX errors (should they occur) SW will wait until the LaTeX command prompt is dealt with which usually means having to separately click on the command prompt in the Windows task bar and then responding to the prompts.

The question about a shell escaped environment is specific to a TeX/LaTeX distribution and I can't answer that question.