Scientific workplace upgrade

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I want to upgrade my copy of scientific notebook
to scientific workplace .  How can i do this? I have been trying to order it
for the better part of two weeks but have been unable to because the online
shop is never available. All my work  is saved as a scientific workplace
file. I can open it with notebook but i can't generate any pdf's nor can i
prepare any additional presentations. I have downloaded the temporary license
which hopefully will give me full acess for about 5 days, because my trial
version expired. When will the online shop be available for student upgrades?

Contact our marketing

Contact our marketing department for update details. You can call our toll free number (depending on your location) or email

Sorry for the inconvience, but we had a server failure and have not fully recovered. In particular the web store is still down. You would need to contact us directly in any case for a student version since proof of student status is required.