New environment in frontmatter

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I need to add a new environment (pubinfo as defined in a sty file) to the frontmatter of some documents. I must place this environment before the maketitle command. I modified the cst file to include



TAG_LEADIN=Publication Info:
I lose the environment when I save my file. What more do I need to do?

You need to define the

You need to define the environment using \QTagDef in the .cst file to let SW know it is a front matter environment.  There are many examples, especially for the thesis type documents. 

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 Thanks, George. I tried

 Thanks, George. I tried using \QTagDef in the .cst file in various ways. I was unable to get an environment using


some material


About the best I have done is to generae the code


some material

all the items in the frontmatter before the \maketitle command are repeated.

There is not \end{myEnv} command.


Sorry, you're right, the

Sorry, you're right, the \QTagDef is used to add \macro{parameter} style macros to the front matter.

As far as I know, new environments cannot be added to the front matter.  I now remember this as something I've wanted but was never able to do.

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 The frontmatter handles the

 The frontmatter handles the abstract environment. I was able to include two abstract environments in the front matter and use them in two ways. However, this resulted in dropping a macro when I save the file and reopen it. Does anyone know of a way to duplicate the way swp handles the abstract environment?

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 I was not able to get an

 I was not able to get an environment in the frontmatter either. This is sad since I need to redefine maketitle to use additional information which the user must enter. I am trying to come up with a work around now.

Thanks for looking at this.


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Would a *command* help? If

Would a *command* help? If your PubInfo stuff is meant to be a short sentence or so, then maybe you could put it into a command, and then, in the style file, put the command's argument into an envronment. Putting a command into the frontmatter does seem possible, even with an argument. What you need is : in the FILTERS section of the sty file the QTagDef stuff from George; then in the body of the sty file, the behavior, with TAG_TYPE=FIELD and TAG_BEHAVIOR=FRONTMATTER.

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 Thanks for writing, Philip.

 Thanks for writing, Philip. I added three commands to the frontmatter but I need a rather complicated environment that contains several paragraphs and lists. Actually, I think I can do this by having two abstract evnironments with different leadins, but I wonder why I am not able to define a second environment in the frontmatter with a different name. 

I followed your advice about using XeLaTeX. I use MiKTeX and all I had to do was change the PDF format settings.