Cannot compile LaTex

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I am running SWP 5.5 in Windows 7.  I can nicely do a PDF compile, but I cannot do a LaTex compile.  As a simple test, I can create a new file, type, "Hello", nothing else, and I cannot do a LaTex compile.  I re-installed the package.  No change.  Please help.


This is unusual as you should

This is unusual as you should be able to compile for DVI without difficulty after installing.  Did you use the default suggested install directory?  What happens if you open the checkout.tex sample document in the SWSamples directory and then use Typeset, Compile?  Is there a .log file present after doing this?  If so, what does it contain?  If not, then can you run the TrueTeX Formatter directly from the Windows Start Menu and the SW program group?  If the answer to the final question is no, then it sounds like a faulty install and downloading the full install file and uninstalling/installing again might be helpful.  If there is a strange install problem for some reason, installing in Safe Mode might solve the problem.