New list moves the whole document spacing

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Hi I've created a new list so that I can use both 1), 2),... and A), B),... in my document. The 1), 2) list is the standard list and I created a new one for the A, B, C. The problem now is that as soon as I use the A, B, C list that I created my whole document is moved 5mm to the left. Everything works fines until I put a left indent in for the list. Insted of just indenting the list text, my whole document is indented by 5mm and not just the text for the list. As soon as I take the List Item Paragrapg Format -- Left indent back to 0mm the whole document is correct again, but now the list items are not the same as my other lists.   Can anybody please help with this.   Thanks, Chris

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Just an update on this: If i

Just an update on this:

If i use the Labeled paragraph's first line indent option and set it to 5mm, the list label and the first line is correct, but now the following lines are not in-line as I want it.

Are you referring to the

Are you referring to the screen appearance of the document by making changes to the .cst file, or to the typeset appearance of the document?

Post a sample.

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It is the typeset

It is the typeset appearance.

Attached some examples of the problem.

The DVI 0mm.jpg shows my typeset document with my own created list ABlys compared to the enumerated list. As you can see my list needs to move 5mm to the right. The two Style Edit 0mm - 1.jpg and Style Edit 0mm - 2.jpg show the options I've set for ABLys, they are exactly the same as the option for the enumerate list, with only the Counter Appearance that I've changed.

The DVI 5mm.jpg shows my typset document if I put a 5mm Left Indent in. My list and the enumerate list now lines-up, but all my text have been shifted 5mm to the right, not just my newly created list. The Style Edit 5mm.jpg shows what I've changed in the style file. I've only added a 5mm Left indent.

The DVI desciption list.jpg shows my own work around for this. I've changed the built-in description list options to the appearance that I'm looking for, with a 5mm Left indent and A, B, C counter Appearance (Style Edit 5mm - Description list.jpg). Now everything looks the way that I want and everything lines up.

I've even tried creating another new list item, but I keep running into this problem. Every time I put a left indent in just for the list item, my whole document is shifted, not just the list item paragraph.

Please let me know if this is enough info to help me with this problem.



Seeing the results doesn't

Seeing the results doesn't help in figuring out how you are creating those results.

Post the .tex file.  Also, if you are modifying a .sty file with the Style Editor, then also post the .cst and .sty files that are created by the Style Editor. 

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Attached an example tex fill

Attached an example tex fill and the sty and cst files I'm using.

Try using the attached

Try using the attached version.  Some Style Editor .sty files end up with cross linked style references.  In this case any changes to the list paragraph style also was used by the generic paragraph style.  That explained why changes to the list would change other parts of the document.  I've manually (outside of the Style Editor) modified the .sty file to separate the paragraph styles, so you should now be able to make the modification you want.

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Thanks for the help and

Thanks for the help and sorting this out so quickly!

Everything is working great at the moment and even new list items I create are now working correctly.



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Sorry, it seems as if I spoke

Sorry, it seems as if I spoke too soon.

I added a new type of list, it is called IIIlys, now with i), ii), iii), ... and as soon as I set the 5mm left indent it moves all my text again.

You corrected the ABlys outside of Style Editor, is this something I can do or if I create a list and this happens do I just send you the sty and cst files to correct?


I've also noticed that my Table of Content is putting in extra spacing between headings. I created a division "rema" for all front-matter, the declaration, summary, abbreviations and notation. In the table of contents they all appear correctly with the roman page numbering. The problem is that there is a big space between Abbreviations and Notation and between Notation and Introduction. That space does not appear between any of the other rema divisions in the TOC and I'm not sure how to get rid of it. I've attach my Main tex file that I use to combine all the other files and also the DVI showing the problem.

The Style Editor still has

The Style Editor still has some bugs.  Adding elements wasn't often used and the paragraph style isn't being created properly for the items you are creating.  You can see this by directly editing the .sty file.  In the last .sty file you uploaded, the global paragraph style is @GEN (a name I selected with the previous upload).  If you search for @GEN you will see that this paragraph style is also used by the remahoof heading paragraph, and the item paragraphs for the IIIlys levels.  The way to fix this directly in the .sty file is to find the \Paragraph macro with \Name{@GEN}, copy it as many times as needed, add new unique labels for each copy, then go back to each element using the @GEN paragraph style that shouldn't and point to a unique label.

I've done this for the attached version of the .sty file.  Additionally, I did rename @GEN to @AAA.  I also found the last unique identifier that the Style Editor automatically generates and added new elements sequentially rather than just making up identifiers.

I don't know if the problem is with the Style Editor itself or a side effect by something in the .sty file (or both).  It is possible that the problem when creating new elements doesn't exist with certain .sty files.