Error when using .bmp files

I am experience an error when compiling my .tex document into a .pdf. The source of the problem appears to be the inclusion of a .bmp file. As far as I know, I have previously been able to include such graphics. Now, for some reason, I am no longer able to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching stripped down version of my file, which only includes an imported picture, and I am getting the following error:


pdflatex.exe: Cannot start MiKTeX package manager

pdflatex.exe: Data: Invalid syntax

! LaTeX Error: Unknown grahpics extension: .bmp.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.

Type H <return> for immediate help.


1.49 <C:/swp55/temp/M3V7ZT00__1.bmp>



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The reference to MiKTeX is

The reference to MiKTeX is unusual.  Normally when compiling for PDF any graphics are converted to .pdf format.  This is handled via Typeset, General Settings, and then the PDF Graphics Settings dialog.  My only guess as to how you can get .bmp graphics generated when compiling for PDF is if the Leave graphics unchanged selection is used for Raster graphics. 

Also, check the PDF Format Settings under Typeset, Expert Settings.  Either TrueTeX pdfTeX or TrueTeX pdfTeX MultiLingual should be selected.

Thank you for your reply. I

Thank you for your reply. I was able to compile the .tex document by going into Typeset > Genderal Settings > PDF Grahpics Settings. Next I had to change two things:

1.Under "Apply Export Options to", check "All graphics"

2. Under "Export Options", check export graphics as .pdf

I'm not sure what changed in my setup to require this adjustment. I believe I was previously able to compile documents with .bmp files. In any event, these changes worked for me. Do you happen to know of documentation that explains these options in more details?

I am using MiKTex to compile my pdfs under Typeset > Expert Settings. In particular, under PDF Format Settings I have selected MiKTeX pdfTeX. This is because I need to use pgf 2.10 to create drawings, and this does not work under TrueTeX pdfTeX.


The only additional

The only additional documentation would be in the help system (use Help, Search and find PDF topics).

The PDF Graphics Export Options dialog lets you select "All graphics" and then only one item on the right side of the dialog applies, or "Selected graphics" and then the item on the right can be different for "Raster graphics", "Vector graphics", and "Special graphics sets".  This lets you select, for example, .eps graphics to be exported as .pdf and .bmp graphics as .png.

The information in this dialog must have been changed at some point if it was working for you previously.  The .bmp graphics has never been valid when compiling for PDF, so it would have had to of been converted when things were working correctly.

Great, thanks!

Great, thanks!