Symbol Footnotes for author affiliations

I would like to include the authors' affiliations into the frontmatter of my document. I want to have them with symbols (asterisk, dagger etc) instead of numbering and most important some authors may have the same affiliation. So two of them should have an asterisk that will represent the same affiliation. I have managed only to include simple footnotes but this does not really help.. Thank you.

There are some typesetting

There are some typesetting specifications that already handle this when footnotes are used in the front matter.  Some of the typesetting specifications are a little more complicated and are entered via TeX fields in the body of the document.  The standard article typesetting specification would use symbols for footnotes in the front matter unless the title page option is used.

If you are writing for a specific journal, that journal may already have a typesetting specification that takes care of this style of numbering.

I have used the title page

I have used the title page option. I am not writing for a specific journal, so I would be grateful if someone could give me some information about these "typesetting specifications". 

The typesetting specification

The typesetting specification is selected when you pick any particular shell document.  Use Typeset, Options and Packages to see the class and package files that are referenced by the document.  Other typesetting specificaiton information can be included in the document preamble.  The typesetting specification information controls the final typeset appearance of the document.