Creating Posters with Scientific Word

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Is it possible to create posters with Scientific Word?




We have been asked before

We have been asked before about using the a0poster package with SW.  See the a0poster's CTAN directory to download the package files.  You can follow the information in document #421: Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources to add a new typesetting specification for use with SW.  We have not heard back if this package has been successfully used and we have not heard about using any other package to create posters.

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I already downloaded the

I already downloaded the package files (in the required director C:\\sw55\styles, but everytime i try to open a tex file in which a0poster is used i am getting the following error: cannot find C:\\sw55\styles\a0poster.  Document may not load correctly.






The package files would not

The package files would not go under the Styles directory, rather they would go somewhere under TCITeX\TeX.  To follow the pattern for other CTAN packages, you would create the directory TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\a0poster and move the files a0poster.cls and a0size.sty into this directory.

The a0poster class is built on top of the article class, so you should be able to create the .cst file by creating the directory Styles\a0poster and copying one of the .cst files from the Styles\article directory into the new directory.

Poster - a0poster shell and

Poster - a0poster shell and support files are now available in a self-extracting archive file. See for details.