Problem with attaching files

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 I am not able to attach files to my posts. I have tried *.tex and *.pdf files.

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I just tried this with a pdf

I just tried this with a pdf and a tex file and they both seemed to be ok. (Remember that uploads are limited to 1mb, but this isn't likely to be a factor for tex files, though it might be for pdfs with lots of graphics). Are you sure it isn't something at your end?    

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 Thanks, Philip, for doing a

 Thanks, Philip, for doing a test. Initially, I was not able to upload a very short tex file; later, I tried a pdf file. Since then I have attempted to upload both files several times. I rebooted and tried again. I was unsuccessful at attaching a short file to this post a few minutes ago. (Well, the file seems to be attached! I still got the error message.) The problem must be at my end. I will give this some more thought later.  By the way, I plan to write a short email to you about the font problem. Thank you for your suggestions! Tom