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I am trying to use supertabular following the instructions in the SWP manual however I am not getting anywhere with that. What I am doing is using encapulated fields for \begin{supertabular} .. \end

in between I insert a SWP table filled with numbers but I am getting errors and the table doesnt split across pages.


Are there SWP specific instructions that I can use?


Thank you


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 Please post a minimal

 Please post a minimal example; a file containing only that which is necessary to demonstrate your problem.

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Hi Tom, I attached a sample

Hi Tom,

I attached a sample table, I only change the B and E tex fields as mentioned earlier to supertabular.

Thank you for your response

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  I used longtable instead;

  I used longtable instead; please see the attached file. (Notice that I had to add \\ tp the end of the last row of the table. I also added a footnote.) I think longtable does all you need. (See ftp://tug.ctan.org/ctan/macros/latex/required/tools/longtable.pdf.)

I am having trouble attaching the file.