Error message when i change front matter

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When i remove a tag from the university of new south wales shell, specifically the ''assesor'' tag from the front matter i cannot complile a pdf, beacuse i get error messages, when i put it back it compiles fine. I need to get rid of this from the front page how can i do this.


By the way thanks to the amazing reply i got to my last post it was a big help. I tried to post a reply and say thank you but it wouldn't let me post a reply for some reason.

The assessor field is

The assessor field is required to typeset the front matter.  You can add a required space as the value for the field and then when you typeset there won't be an error and the name will not appear.  The "Assessor:" portion that is typeset on the title page can be removed by adding:


to the document preamble.  You can similarly control the typeset appearance of the string that currently typesets as "Supervisor:" by redefining the macro \supervisorname.  Suppose you want to use "Thesis Advisor" and "Thesis Coadvisor" instead of "Supervisor" and "Assessor".  You could add:

\def\supervisorname{Thesis Advisor:}
\def\assessorname{Thesis Coadvisor:}

to the document preamble.

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