Theses shell University of new south wales

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Hi can someone help me i am stuck.  This might seem like a stupid question. I am using the thesis shell üniversity of new south wales".

1)I have enterd all of my material,  but i cant figure out how to change the cover page to have my university and name instead of university of new south wales and the generic name.


i also have this problem.

2)when i enter the following in the body of the document:




I get the following output:

corolarry 1


theorm 3

Instead of theorm 1,

Is there a way to fix this? and have corrolaries numbered sequentially and theorms numbered independantly sequentially. also instead of having corollary 30 etc i would like to have corollary 1.0, corollary 1.1,,,...for chapter 1

corollary 2.0,2.1 etc for cHAPTER 2

is this possible?

In the front matter, add

In the front matter, add (before the Make Title field) the field "University" with the text that will be typeset as the university name and the field "School" with the text that will be typeset as the school name.

The numbering of the

The numbering of the theorem-like objects is controlled by the \newtheorem statements in the document preamble.  See 681: Resetting theorem numbering for new divisions  for a discussion.

In particular, if you want each theorem-like object to be numbered independently but within chapters, then each \newtheorem statement should be of the form: