Using \input command with MiKTex

Hello. I am using Scientific Workplace 5.50 Build 2960 on Windows 7. I am using MiKTeX pdfTeX to compile PDFs (The reason why I am using this is because I will eventually need to use pgf 2.10, which doesn't work with the TrueTex PDF compiler).

I am trying to use the \input command to include an external .tex file. I have attached the main .tex file, and the external .tex file. Both files are in the same folder, and the placed so that SWP recognizes references to the external .tex file. That is, the files are located in the following folder: swp55 > TCITEX > TeX > input > test.

When I compile a PDF using TrueTex, the file compiles correctly. However, when I use MiKTex as my PDF format by selecting it under Typeset > Expert Settings > PDF Format Settings, I get the following error in my :

! LaTeX Error: File `input_stuff.tex' not found

I have also attached the .log file associated with my PDF compiling error.

Are there some steps I have to take to make MiKTeX look for the `input_stuff.tex' file in the correct folder?

test_input.tex1.88 KB
input_stuff.tex52 bytes
test_input.log4.58 KB

Either use the complete path

Either use the complete path in your \input statement (using forward slashes to separate directory names and not backslashes) or place the input file in a directory that is searched by you LaTeX compiler.  I believe MiKTeX uses a file database that needs to be regenerated if you add files to the directory or directories that MiKTeX searches, so you may need to update the database after puttin the file in one of the MiKTeX search directories.

Thanks. Using the full path

Thanks. Using the full path works.