How to center a in-line table on a page

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Hello great helpers!

I created a inline table out of a picture. When the table is sideways, it is centered on a page. But when it is not sideways, the table is not centered and even sometimes cut off from the right after typeset.

I attach .tex and would you please be so kind let me know how to force center the table on a page?

Many many thanks!


table-example.tex3 KB

The larger graphic is

The larger graphic is 6.57x7.23 inches wide and tall.  However, the text width of the document is only 4.77 inches wide.

One solution would be to resize the graphics so it is no wider than the text width of the document.  Another solution would be to insert some negative horizontal space just before the graphics so it gets moved to the right before being typeset.  This would help center the graphics, even though it exceeds the text margins on both sides.

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Thank you George for always

Thank you George for always being there!

3 Questions:

1. how could I see the text width? and could I adjust it?

2. what do you mean by inserting negative horizontal space? how could I do it? it sounds though simple.

3. I have a table that includes Panel A and Panel B. So I want to force the automatical numbering so that actually the two tables share the same table number. could I do somehow do that?

Thank you so much for your time!

1a) You can use the layout

1a) You can use the layout package.  See

1b) Typically, using the geometry package is the easist method.  See as a starting point and also the Typesetting Documents manual.

2) Insert, Spacing, Horizontal Space and then from the Horizontal Space dialog select Custom and then enter the type (Fixed or Stretchy) and width and select Always in the Typeset group to make sure the extra space doesn't get ignored under certain conditions.

3) There are several approaches that could be taken.  See the document PackageSample-subfig.tex in the SWSamples directory.  The suggestions range from easy (using a 1x2 table with one cell for each of your panels) to difficult (full use of the subfig package with separate numbering and captions).

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Dear George, I followed

Dear George,

I followed subfig package and tried to create panel a and panel b for one table. The problem is, the subfig places the two panels next to each other which makes the second one appearing only a small part since panel a takes already a page. I would like to report the pabel b under panel a on a second page. This should be done adjusting some options but I could not figure it out.

Please help! I really appreciate it!


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Thank you so much George for

Thank you so much George for the reply!

One more stupid question: where do I find the SWSamples directory? Do I need to install it?


The SWSamples directory is

The SWSamples directory is included during the install below the directory where the program is installed.  So, for Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 it would be c:\swp55\SWSamples.