sty panel in bibliography insert has disappeared

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Somehow the sty panel of choices when I want to insert a
BibTex bibliography has become blank. What can I do to restore it? Anything short of reinstalling the program?



Reinstalling the program

Reinstalling the program wouldn't help since this information is in the local user registry and reinstalling will not update the registry.  You should be able to select the BibTeX style directory using Typeset, General Settings.  It should be pointing to the TCITeX\BibTeX\bst below where the program is installed.

You can delete the current registry information by following Step 1 (ONLY) at 357: Error: Inaccessible Spell Check Database Directory and then when you restart the program it will be reset to the settings that were present just after the initial installation.

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Choose Typese, General

Choose Typese, General Settings, and make sure that the BibTeX database directory actually contains the .bib file that you need to use.

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Indeed the .bib file is in

Indeed the .bib file is in the bib subdirectory of BibTex of TCITex of the main directory. It is the "style" panel that is blank, alas.

But thanks for a possible correction, sir.