Exported HTML with equation numbers on the right

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I created a document with numbered equations.

When I exported the document as HTML with math set to be MathML, I got the page with numbered equations. The equation numbers were displayed on the left hand side.

Can I get equation numbers displayed on the right hand side?


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What did you do in SWP to get

What did you do in SWP to get equation numbering in the html export? The only numbering I'm familiar with is that for typeset documents - not web documents.


You would need to edit the

You would need to edit the .css.  SW only places equation numbers on the right in the edit window, and the HTML export is based on the display in the edit window.  So, there is no direct way to make this change.  In principle, you can edit the .css to make this type of change, but I can't tell you specifically what changes would be needed.

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OK, my opinnion is that even

OK, my opinnion is that even if I change .css that the equation numbers won't change the appearance on the left. I think so because when I edit the exported page there is a code



<mml:mtable side="left" ...

The attribute side="left" has priority over any other formatting.

Anyways, I have tried to edit configuration file htmlout.cfg in the root directory of SW. O have managed to change colors of text and math in an equation. However I could not do anything about eq numbers.

Is there a way that I could switch side of equation numbers to the right hand side by using the configuration file?

I do not see anyplace where

I do not see anyplace where the mtable output can be changed when the .html is being generated.  I think the only way would be to post process the file and search/replace to change side="left" to side="right".

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I agree! It is not the

I agree!

It is not the perfect solution, but replace command is pretty much simple and effective.