Asterisk-dagger footnote in the title page only (footmisc package)

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem in using the footmisc package. What I need to do is to use a asterisk-dagger footnote for the title of the paper, and then the normal numerated footnotes. But by using the footmisc package, it changes all the footnotes with symbols..

is there another way to proceed or I am just using the package wrongly?



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The footmisc package is, I

The footmisc package is, I believe, designed to modify the footnotes in the body of the document.  The front matter footnotes are handled separately by the typesetting specification.  The typesetting specification you are using and the class options can change the typeset numbering of footnotes.  For example, if you use the standard LaTeX article with footnotes in the front matter, the footnotes are marked using symbols, unless you select to use a title page.  Then the front matter footnotes are treated the same as the footnotes in the body of the document.

Overriding the typesetting specification to change the appearance of the footnote numbering is still possible, but gets a little tricky.  Post a sample document and it should be possible to modify it to get what you want.

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Hi George, thanks for the

Hi George,

thanks for the immediate reply. I attached the sample file.

Thank you very much,



The attached seems to work. 

The attached seems to work.  I added a command in the document preamble to change footnote numbering to use symbles, then in the body of the document I added in a TeX field the command to use arabic numbering.

See for some information about footnote numbering.

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Hi George, I follow the

Hi George,

I follow the sample.tex you attached: the first footnote has an asterisk; but the second footnote begins with number 2 instead of 1. I am just wondering how I can make it possible that the rest of footnotes start with 1.
I checked the sample.tex, the rest footnotes begin with 1; and it is very strange that I can only see one in the sample.tex file, but I have two pages for the PDF file converted from it. I am just wondering where the first page comes from? It is not in the sample.tex file, right?


Dear George, If you add

Dear George,
If you add another footnote into the document you sent and try to make the second one arabic numberred, you get the attached file. So, the second footnote has a marking of 2 but it is shown with a symbol in the footnote.

Is there any way to have the first footnote to be an asteriks and the rest numberred beginning from 1. It seems to me that if one wants to have two footnotes on the title page, your method does not work.

Dear George, How can I have a

Dear George,

How can I have a marked footnote along with a numberred footnote on the title page? Moreover, the first footnote in the body should continue the numbering on the title page (abstract must be on the title page, not on a separate page).

In sum, I am trying to have the following:

Title page: (footnote *, footnote 1)
Body: (footnote 2, footnote 3, ... and so on)

I attached my (imperfect) sample SWP file.

Thank you,

I can't find a way to do what

I can't find a way to do what you want.  I was able to get an arabic footnote mark in the title page, but the footnote itself was still indicated using symbols.  This is controlled inside the macros that format the title page and I wasn't able to find a suitable replacement to get the effect you are looking for.

I have two suggestions.  One is to locate a typesetting specification that does what you want.  If this is a requirement of the journal you are submitting to, find out if there is a LaTeX typesetting specification for that journal, or find a sample document from someone else that has successfully used this format with LaTeX for the journal.  The other suggestion is to not use the front matter and instead create your own title page using the titlepage environment.  You would need to visually format the title page, but you would be able to add TeX fields to change the footnote symbols and footnote counter to meet your needs.

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the help, it perfectly works.


Stefano Lombardi